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Fifth Wheel Turntables.

Fifth Wheel Ballrace and fixed turntables suit tankers, Chassis Tippers, General freight, fridge vans, B-Doubles, Highway and road Trains. Low maintenance and greaseless type light weight Fifth Wheels
Heavy duty types and repair kits and mounting plates to suit.

Fifth Wheel Couplings Standard

JOT-JSK37CZ-Rubber Mount
Jost Rubber mounting with wear ring 150,17-,185,250,300, Bolt on/Weld on, gross combination Wt 135000kg Tipper, general freight, fridge van, B-Double, road train 16358 190kN JOT-JSK36DV
Jost cast top fifth wheel with replacement wear rig and ext lubrication 150,170,185mm Bolt on/Weld on Tanker,general freight, B-Double,Road train 24286 190kN JOT-JSK37CZ
Jost greasless version of JSK37CZ, Rubber mounting, low maintenance (avail with extended handle) 150,170,185,250,300mm Non-weldable (Weldable available on request) Tanker,General freight, Stock crate, Fridge van, B-Double, Road Train 24286 190kN JOT-JSK37CZW
Jost pivot bearing low maintenance with wear ring and external jaw lubrication 130,150,170,185,195,205,215,235, 255mm Weld on Tipper , Highway 36821 190kN JOT-JSK37E
Jost pivot bearing low maitenance 130,150,170,195,205,215,235,255mm General freight,tipper 36821 190kn JOT-JSK37EW
Fifth wheel mini connection light commercial 50 mm assembly 140mm Light commercial vehicles 38732 40kn SAF-FW0001
Fifth wheel mini connection light commercial 50mm retractable trailer side n/a Light commercial vehicles n/a n/a SAT-KP0030

Fifth Wheel Repair Kits

Fifth Wheel repair for greaseless JSK37CZW insert 10mm includes bolts for 6 hole JOT-SK3106-007
Fifth Wheel repair kit for JSK36CV JOT-SK2121-69CV
Fifth Wheel repair kit for JSK37CZ JOT-SK212169Z
Fifth Wheel repair kit for greaseless JSK37E locking device JOT-SK3121-60Z
Fifth Wheel repair kit for greaseless JSK37E W locking device JOT-SK3121-61

Fifth Wheel Accessories

Oil impregnated teflon lube plate never needs grease, fits all fifth wheels includes steel retaining ring to fit standard 2.875" king pins FRE-FQ9601