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Power packs - Agrams

A large range of Powerpacks are available from our stock 12V or 24V Powerpacks including single and double action units with steel oil tanks .
Features : Designed to work with hydraulic cylinders, ideal for tipping trailers, utes, horse floats, dock levellers, scissor tables, tailgates and bin lifters.
Sold with pre wired weather proof switch box with mounting bracket and magnets, back up hand pump, cable and steel tank.

Power packs Double Acting

PartVoltageMotor WattsLitresP/N
Double Acting12V150045824007007
Double Acting12V150085827007007
Double Acting12V1500145821507007
Double Acting24V220045824009007
Double Acting24V220085827009007
Double Acting24V220045821509007

Power packs Single Acting

PartVoltageMotor WattsLitresP/N
Single Acting12V150045724007000
Single Acting12V150085724007001
Single Acting12V1500145721507001
Single Acting24V220045724409001
Single Acting24V220085727009001
Single Acting24V220045721509001

Power packs Quad Acting

PartVoltageMotor WattsLitresP/N
Quad Acting12V1500145721507002
Quad Acting24V1500145721509002

4 Litre tank

power packs

8 Litre tank

power packs

14 Litre tank

Agrams 2.5" Bore - 3' BORE

We supply Agrams and Ramp cylinders in various sizes 2.5" Bore & 3.0" Bore.
Features : Double sealed anti rust gland, honed bore, large rod diameter gives maximum life, Sold with steel piston and five piece seal and forged clevis.